LEAVES Reusable Baby Nappy (One size)

$16.22 $24.95
Introducing our new eco-friendly, reusable swim nappy in a gorgeous leaf print. No need for disposables at the beach or pool anymore!  
These premium swimming nappies have a 100% PUL Polyester cloth fabric outer fabric that is breathable & waterproof. The inner layer is made from a strong and super soft Nylon mesh giving your little one the comfort that they deserve.  

Our swim nappies are designed to fit from Newborn (10 lbs/ 4.5kg) through to toddler stage (25lbs/ 12kg). Use the snap fastenings to adjust around the waist and legs with 3 different size options and another 3 size adjustments to the height of the swim nappies on the front.  

Our swim nappies are not only environmentally friendly, they are designed to retain any solids and offer protection while swimming. They are easy to clean, by hand wash or a cold machine wash on a gentle cycle. Line dry is recommended to retain longer wear. 

Each nappy is sent in a reusable zip lock, biodegradable wet bag, so throw them in there when you're ready to leave the beach or pool!

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